Gleen Asp spotted on the Swedish West Coast

The surviving member of enigmatic Swedish new beat disco duo Jackpot Gleen Asp is allegedly working on new material in a studio at Ingstön on the Swedish West Coast. At least that’s the conclusion the Swedish IRS has drawn.

Asp is wanted for tax evasion and has been under surveillance by the IRS for some time. Apparently an IRS representative spotted Asp last week outside a boat house that is rumoured to be a recording studio. We can only hope that this means Asp is recording a follow-up to the groundbreaking EP “Big Bonus” from 1983 and, of course, that he finds a solution to his tax problems. The “Big Bonus” EP is already infamous for the rumour it gave rise to in the 80s that the record were pressed off a cocaine solvent.

/TT Reuter


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