They’ve been called one of dance music’s best kept secrets: JACKPOT. In 1983 the Italian experimental sound artist Marco Donatello and Swedish synth pioneer Gleen Asp made recordings together. Their ambition was to put sound to an art-project but the result was an erotic cocktail of italo-esque melodies, ebm rhythms, and filmic arpeggios.  

Legend has it the music was an excuse to press records off a narcotic solution in order to smuggle drugs, and that a mishap during the operation explains why we haven’t heard these tracks before.

In any case, this is part of an unknown story of Swedish dance music. 

This blog will tell the yet untold story – if there is one – about Jackpot and the early days Swedish club culture and dance music. We will research – all tips are welcome! – and post gathered information here.



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One Response to “JackWho?”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    Hi we are from Melbourne Australia. I’ve just heard unos dos tres by jackpot.
    How do I get some copies for our store?
    Ronnie & Steve

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