Alf stand-in










Remember the Alf (hairy inhouse alien 80:s tv sitcom) episode where Alf himself didn’t have a single line? It is well known among sitcom connoisseurs and commonly inpreteded as a reference and homage to silent movie.

Age Hammershöi from Bergen emailed and told us that during the local film festival he had drinks with Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård, who recalled the following story:

On the Zoolander set, the C cinematographer assistant told Alexander this anocdote: Donatello, who had fled a bunch of trouble in Europe, found himself working as a set constructor in Hollywood. One day he suddenly had to jump in and replace the original Alf actor Paul Fusco who normally spent his days in the fury dress, since he was urgently brought to intensive care for wasp stings. Donatello, however, was such a lousy actor/in bad shape that the director was forced to erase all Alf’s parts from the script. The silence was never explained in the episode, but “comically” covered by lots of brow winking and shoulder shrugging. 
The kids in the set audience were strictly forbidden to get closer than three meters from Alf, whose blurry sight and methadone smell made him unreliable.

The point was (but not for our research) the actors’ union’s harsh but confused response, which is said to have influenced a major clouse in the following year’s negotiations.

This anectote is confirmed, to some extent, by “John Belushi” by Bob Woodward.


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