Asp’s studio in Gothenburg drinking nest in early 80s

In an interview with Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter monday the 14th of October 1982 the famous Swedish wrestler and playboy Frank Andersson mentions an incident which involves Gleen Asp. 

Andersson who lived in Gothenburg at the time was evidently seriously hungover during the interview. When the reporter asked for the cause of Andersson’s bad state he answered with typical dryness that he had downed one or two drinks the night before.

– Me, “Hoa Hoa” Dahlgren and some other guys was hanging out in my friend Gleen’s studio on Linnégatan. There were good amounts of tequila and Czech beer. So, I’m kind of a mess today.

The reporter was of course curious about the musician with the studio. 

– Gleen Asp, a really wild guy but good fun to hang out with. Impressive drinker. He tends to wake up in my apartment on my sofa after long nights of drinking. I think he’s been recording stuff lately with that punk band Cortex but he’s also into disco stuff, which is more my kind of thing.

Whether it was Gleen Asp of JACKPOT Andersson’s talking about is not confirmed but it seems pretty likely. Asp also lived in Gothenburg in the early 80s and had a studio where some of the major players of the underground scene recorded.


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