The fulminating powder gun incident

In addition to the story below about Donatello’s brief career in the entertainment industry a reader just mailed us telling that Gleen Asp tried his luck as film actor. Apparently Asp auditioned for the role as the psychopatic police Kjell Göran Hedberg in Mannen från Mallorca (The Man from Majorca) – Bo Widerberg’s filmic adaptation of Leif GW Persson’s Grisfesten (The Pig Feast).

The anecdote about the audition was obviously noteworthy to such a degree that Swedish entertainment business chronicler Uno ”Myggan” Ericson referenced it in his Myggans Nöjeslexikon (Uno ”The Ant” Ericson’s Entertainment encyclopedia) on pages 456-57 in Volume II.

Ericson’s source is the actor Johannes Brost who auditioned at the same time as Asp in a casting office in Hammarbyhamnen in Stockholm 1982. Brost was waiting for his turn when he heard some serious brouhaha going on behind the audition door. A moment later two big men in fishing vests – apparently camera men – emerged through the door dragging behind them a blond, long-haired fellow with what Brost described as ”the stare of a full blown lunatic”. This guy was identified as not other than future JACKPOT member Gleen Asp.

– ”Wtf is happening?”, I thought, Brost recalled years later.

What in fact had just taken place was that Asp, who at the time was out of his mind from not having taken his daily insuline shot, had pulled a gun believing that this would give his performance more credibilty. It should be noted that the gun Asp pulled was only a so called ”knallpulverpickadoll” – a fulminating powder gun for kids. One would have expected the casting director to see this but apparently he was flabbergasted to the point of mental breakdown shouting at the top of his lungs ”Everybody down, he’s carrying a piece!”.

In any case, two camera men, both impressively built from years of carrying heavy equipment, who also was in the room, overpowered Asp. The police arrived and threw the confused Asp in a custody cell. The role as Kjell Göran Hedberg went to distinguished actor Rico Rönnbäck, later nationally famous and loved for his role as the labor-union official Conny Rudberg in the TV series ”Varuhuset”.

And what about Asp? Well, after having spent a night in jail, the story goes, he decided to make his first prison tatoo – the word ”Jackpot” inscribed in semen-like graphical style. This later became the obscure disco duo’s special trademark.


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