Unique picture of Marco Donatello


Marco Donatello, Ivory Coast, 1979.

We just received this picture from Adam Holmberg, member of the group behind Holiday, Stockholm’s premium summer club. Holmberg suspects it shows Marco Donatello of Jackpot on the Ivory Coast sometime around 1979. 

It is known that Donatello traveled extensively in the late 70s and lived with a group of natives on the African coast for two years. In what in an uncanny way parallels the destiny of Marlon Brando’s character Kurtz in Francis Ford Coppola’s film “Apocalypse now”, Donatello took on the role of tribe leader. 

He also experimented with drugs unknown to Western science that the tribe’s medicine men made from secret recepies. It was only due to an Italian journalist that in 1980 found Donatello in the deep woods in a delirious state that Donatello got out of Africa with his mental health relatively undamaged.


2 Responses to “Unique picture of Marco Donatello”

  1. Michael Says:

    All these stories wreak of fabrication. Not to mention the 100% lack of mention of either of these characters anywhere on the internet, except for this blog, and all the other blogs which picked up the press release. I guess you could say it’s a successful marketing campaign so far. Kudos.

  2. Giuliox Says:

    Jajajaja. This is fucking great, at last someone unearthes the power of JackPot, I remember listening to them in a Corsican bar circa 1984…..amazing times!

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