Mona Seilitz reveals Big Bonus smuggling affair

seilitz_494_302241b2The memoirs of the recently late, wonderful actress Mona Seilitz is about to reveal the untold story about her secret affair with Marco Donatello in the early and mid 80’s. They met during the shoot of Swedish TV-series “Sincadus”. In her memoirs, who is still without a publishing deal, she also reveals some of the facts and clears the rumours behind the “Big Bonus” EP affair: 

“The idea to press the vinyls off a cocaine solvent was all Ulrich’s idea. It was a product of the simple, one-way-thinking and at the same creative mind of a genuine asshole. Still, you had to give hime some credit – I mean, it almost worked, and what better way of combining the two things you love the most?  He was a pusher and a record maker, period. Don’t trust any of those guys unless you’re the same. Of course Marco was in on it, he was just into cocaine as any of them at the time. Their deal was to sell a third of the records, the rest was for big business purposes – the big bonus if you want to. Gleen would probably had agreed to the scheme as well, if only someone told him about it. He was just out of his head, not a real threat to anyone, but no real help either. I guess they didn’t wanna jinx it too much, it was a maverish stunt to pull of anyway, and he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. As simple as that. Turns out though, Ulrich’s vanity almost led to their downfall, as he boasted on and on about his genious venture. It came to a point where they didn’t know who knew about it and who didn’t, cause words where spreading real fast even though it was all very hush-hush. And eventually, when they tried to abort the whole thing, it was all too late, the records were already pressed and ready to go. Next thing I knew, the records were just missing. Vanished into thin air. Who did it? Marco didn’t take them, I know that for sure. If so, he and Ulrich would have used it for what it was meant for and everything would have been peachy for a long time. After that, Marco was always looking for blow, and he wasn’t that good an actor, so he couldn’t have tricked me. Did Gleen get a hold of them? Hardly, he just couldn’t get his hands on anything cause he wouldn’t let go of his cock.”

Note: Ulrich Jonson Von Roy was the head of Wall Street Records, until it was terminated in 1984 when Ulrich realized he was HIV positive. Very little is known about him. The track records of hospital Östra Sjukhuset in Gothenburg says he spent his last days in a coma, when someone from the outside pulled the plug on him. Mona Seilitz concludes: “Ulrich was a man of many enemies, it could have been anyone, including me.”


One Response to “Mona Seilitz reveals Big Bonus smuggling affair”

  1. Staffan Says:

    Marco är en jävla skitstövel!

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