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Jet Ski flight

October 13, 2008


One story told by legendary Stockholm disco-dj Sydney “Big Brother” Onayemi is the one were Gleen Asp crashes the Licence to Kill (starring lame actor Timothy Dalton in the lead) premiereparty at Café Opera in Kungsträdgården.

Apparently the night had begun at a releaseparty for an album from the highly forgettable rockact The Sinners in solna. He was after that seen quite early and clearly intoxicated outside “Caféet” wearing a single-breasted dinner jacket, a heavy silk shirt, thin double-ended black satin tie and a red rose since he obviously lacked a proper invitation.

How he actually did get in is still unknown but the story goes he orders 3 tequila shots thinking everything at the bar is free, refuses to pay after he drinks up, insults one of the most famous journalists from back then, gets thrown out and soon finds himself outside Grand Hotel where he spots a couple of jet skis, and was last seen driving away on one into the sunset and in some kind of mad druken fury. Apparently he woke up a couple miles outside stockholm alone, afraid, couldn´t remember a thing and dressed as double 0 seven!


Give me a break!

October 10, 2008












Vivien and Gleen did’t last long, but the 12″ did. Almost the entire edition was recovered in a Manhattan warehouse last year, 18 years after Banana dumped it after the fiasco. The warehouse owner Ross Burner used it for an illegal tax reduction, was caught, sentenced and in the court documents quoted to say: “Give me a break, these records are cursed!”

Gleen and Vivien Vee

October 10, 2008

In the last year of the seventies, Gleen Asp was starting to make a name for himself in the NYC producer circuit (He was the first to wear the later so widely popular Arthur Baker beard). Wall Street Records boss (and possibly only employee) Ulrich Jonson Von Roy introduced him to Banana Records starlet Vivien Vee, with the words “Peel that curly blonde banana”.

Banana, a desperately fighting young disco label out of tune with it’s time, couldn’t afford hireing big shot producer Giancarlo Meo, so they actually pirated his name by using Gleen but crediting Meo on the sleeve. Gleen was unaware of this scam, but was nontheless later  into a life long dispute with Meo and his army of lawyers.

Before long, Gleen’s and Vivien’s studio work inevitably turned into a love affair, which apparently made the recordings suffering.

The result was a big dissapointment to Banana, and to Ulrich who had put his reputation in jeopardy. Ulrich didn’t ever really get over his bitterness and it is said that he sectretly worked against Gleen and later on Jackpot, which he signed later on but never released on record.