Gleen and Vivien Vee

In the last year of the seventies, Gleen Asp was starting to make a name for himself in the NYC producer circuit (He was the first to wear the later so widely popular Arthur Baker beard). Wall Street Records boss (and possibly only employee) Ulrich Jonson Von Roy introduced him to Banana Records starlet Vivien Vee, with the words “Peel that curly blonde banana”.

Banana, a desperately fighting young disco label out of tune with it’s time, couldn’t afford hireing big shot producer Giancarlo Meo, so they actually pirated his name by using Gleen but crediting Meo on the sleeve. Gleen was unaware of this scam, but was nontheless later  into a life long dispute with Meo and his army of lawyers.

Before long, Gleen’s and Vivien’s studio work inevitably turned into a love affair, which apparently made the recordings suffering.

The result was a big dissapointment to Banana, and to Ulrich who had put his reputation in jeopardy. Ulrich didn’t ever really get over his bitterness and it is said that he sectretly worked against Gleen and later on Jackpot, which he signed later on but never released on record.

One Response to “Gleen and Vivien Vee”

  1. bottin Says:

    you guys should publish a novel or produce a mockumentary

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