In 1982 – Gleen was busted

0316094634_161Yes, he was spotted not paying his tv-licensefee and the two guys with the antenna connected to a strange geigermeterlike box stood at his door while he was watching the Lotto being broadcasted live on swedish (taxfinanced) television.

Flabbergasted, and without having the five minutes to think up a strategy (i.e excuse) he admitted to owning a tv once he was asked by the bureaucratic-looking man.
They were as surprised by the answer as Gleen was. This was their first bust of the year. It was november.

He settled out of court, and was sentenced to five months (he had, after all, not paid for the government-owned television which by this time sent quality tv for almost six hours a day on no less than two not-so-different channels) of civil duty.
His choice of civil duty is pretty ironic given the crime he commited: he became a musical director of one of swedish televisions primetime saturday shows for the whole family: Nöjesmaskinen (The Entertainment Machine).
This show, which was seen by 96% of the swedish public, was made up of two people sitting in a faux studio and pretending to improvise dry wit between themselves. One of them was a previous leftfield journalist, who later became more famous as the troll “Rulle” (“Roll”) and one female journalist who later came to meet Dalai Lama and Richard Gere (as a gimmick she made all her guests jump at the end, an idea which Gleen claims to have come up with, altough this is often denied by all participants. The Dalai Lama, however, have until this day not commented on this rumour.
One of the showstoppers was a japanese beer ad, consisting of a couple of penguins doing a strange dance.
The swedes could watch this segment forever and ever, and it was the main water-cooler-talk subject for a couple of years.

Gleens work was mainly to book guests which was supposed to be “current”. But since all the really current artist rather chose to go to Jacob´s Stege (Jacob´s ladder) his work was more demanding than he thought it would be at first.

Thanks to his numerous contacts in the artist segment he did manage to book some stuff which would´ve been on everyones iPod at the time, if they´ve indeed existed by then (well, they are now of course, and since swedes taste in music froze in time at the time of Abba´s demise, these artists are probably in 60% of swedens iPods at this very moment. That, and the soundtrack of Mamma Mia) 

He got Phil Collins doing “In the air tonight”, and Milla´s Mirakel (The Miracle Of Milla) doing the very first airing of “Rytmen av ett regn” (“The rhythm of a rain”) (sic!). But the real showstopper was in his final show, before turning back to obscurity was probably the very last airing of Secret Service doing their Swedish Top50-hit “Dance just a little bit more” – which was never seen anywhere else again!


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