The lost track

exorcising_mastertape2Very little is known about Gleen Asp’s whereabouts after Marco Donatello died from a lethal mixture of alcohol and cocaine in 1989. Now a missing piece of the puzzle is provided by legendary Swedish Euro dance artist E-Type.

Apparently Gleen continued to record under the Jackpot moniker as late as 1991. E-Type, who at the same time broke into the music industry with his collaboration with Stakka B (aka music video director Johan Renck), tells us that he found the Ampex master tape of a Jackpot recording in 2005. He stumbled upon the tape at a garage sale just a few miles outside Skå by Mälaren when scouting locations for the ”vikingaby” (”viking village” for the readers who doesn’t speak Swedish) he planned to build.

The reason E-Type took an interest in the master tape at all was that it had been marked with the text ”Pedro’s Sound Taco, Februari, 1991”. In that very month and year E-Type and Stakka B had made some initial groundwork for what was to become their seminal single ”We Got The Atmosphere” at a studio on Brunnsgatan in Stockholm called, yes you guessed it, Pedro’ Sound Taco. As the name suggest Pedro’s Sound Taco was, E-Type tells us, both a studio and one of the first Taco restaurants in Stockholm.

”I don’t know what I expected, probably that the tape would contain some early E-Type and Stakka B stuff”, E-Type says. ”But what I heard was a very strange dance track with a voice repeatingly whispering something like ’greased lightning’”, he continues. ”And then I remembered that Pedro who owned the restaurant and studio used to let one of his employees do recordings in exchange for cleaning the taco restaurant every night after closing time”.

E-Type clearly remember the guy in question because of the unusual spelling of his first name: ”Gleen” with two e’s. ”It wasn’t just the name that caught my attention, though”, E-Type says and continues, ”Gleen was rumoured to have been spending two years in prison for tax fraud”. ”But that was not the whole story. According to Pedro Gleen had commited the tax crime together with Joachim Posener who later became famous – or rather infamous – for the so called ’Trustor affair’”.

The master tape contains the signature “G. Asp/JP”, so there is no doubt about whose recording it is. If you look closely at the picture above you can see the signature scrabbled on the reel wheel.

Anyhow, it seems that Gleen got involved with some really shady people after Marco Donatello’s untimely death in 1989. Still he managed to land on his feet and even record some tracks. E-Type has explained that he by no means is a stranger to bids from record labels that would like to license this hitherto unknown Jackpot track.

As of May 2009, no bids have been made.

One Response to “The lost track”

  1. Sergio Says:

    Hello! How can I get contact with this type E? I am interested in make bid on Jackpot master tape music. We very much like their music here in Brazil.

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