Finders Keepers

grisenIt can now be revealed that German record label Permanent Vacation (in association with Service) will release the so called ”lost” Jackpot track ”Greased Lightning”, originally recorded in 1991.

A friend of Tom Bioly, head of Permanent Vacation (PV), miraculously found the master tape (mentioned in the article ”The lost track” below) in a traditional Bierstube in central Munich a month ago. Someone had simply forgotten it there.

”Given that we already had released Jackpot’s ’Ragazza’ this was nothing short of a God’s send”, Tom Bioly says. ”I mean what are the odds? But I guess this incidence is less a coincidence than a very planned occurence”.

The plot thickens. Now people in the dance music community speculates whether E-Type who, as we have mentioned earlier, found the ”Greased Lightning” master tape at a garage sale in fact is the one who planted the tape in Munich. As this theory would have it E-Type saw no use whatsoever in keeping the master tape and realized after a little research that PV already had released a Jackpot record. Therefore he he decided upon seeing to that the tape would end up at PV. To confirm this theory its defenders point out the fact that E-Type was spotted at a World of Warcraft convention in Munich in the middle of May this year – about the same time as Tom Bioly’s friend found the tape.

Irrespective of how the ”Greased Lightning” master tape found its way into the PV office in Munich, it’s good news for all you music lovers that this amazing track finally is manifested on vinyl.

The ”Greased lightning” 12” will be out in September with remixes by Rory Phillips and In Flagranti.


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