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Marco’s death connected to Palme murder?

February 27, 2010

Very little has been said about the death of Jackpot member Marco Donatello and not much is known about his background either.

Since his name turned up a few months ago in a re-opened investigation into the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986, the speculations about his death has gone through the roof. The most popular theory claims that Donatello had big drug debts to very shady characters that also are said to have been in possession of the murder weapon that Palme was shot with. Whether these people had the weapon before or after the murder is unknown. Donatello is assumed to have known about the weapon and posed therefore a considerable threat to the people purportedly in possession of the weapon. The theory is that he died from poisioning, not from an overdose of cocaine.

The cocaine story is said to have been used as a pretext for covering this fact. No autopsy was made because the coroner considered it to be pretty clear that Donatello’s heart stopped from cocaine abuse. He was after all a known drug abuser and when a friend found him dead lying face down on a table in a cellar on Vanadisgatan he had four gram of cocaine in the pocket of his signature biker jacket.

So, what conclusions can be drawn from this? Nothing has been proved in either way. But there are some people who knew Donatello that claims he felt his life threatened the last few weeks before his death. His band peer, Gleen Asp, has, however, remained silent on this subject. There’s also the fact that Donatello shared the same drug dealer as the infamous and ow deceased Christer Pettersson who was suspected to be Palme’s killer. But before speculating any further, let’s ask ourselves who Marco Donatello was. The key to his destiny lies probably there.

There are of course the obvious, brute facts. Marco was born in Bologna, Italy, on June 10, 1954. The son of  Mario, a brutalist architect and according to one rumour a former Black Shirt in the Italian Fascist movement during the 30s, Marco had an educated, if somewhat formal upbringing.

To be continued…